Tanner Tee Original Adjustable Batting Tee

The Tanner Tee (Adult/Standard Adjustable 26-43 inch) is our most popular and universal Tanner batting tee, comprised of two parts, an adjustable metal stem and a nine-inch weather resistant base. Tanner Tees are used by all levels of professional baseball, top college and high school programs, and thousands of home hitters. The FlexTop ball rest is a tightly wound durable cone and allows your bat to pass through the contact point with the least interference, which means bats are not damaged by rigid tee tops and most importantly feedback off the tee is true. There are similar tees at various price points and features. You can pay less for a plastic version of a Tanner Tee, but remember a metal bat will contact your batting tee with velocity - quality parts and workmanship matters! Our founder Joe Tanner invented the adjustable rolled-rubber batting tee 30 years ago, and we proudly stand behind every Tanner Tee we build. Every tee is built and quality controlled by the same family that's been doing it for 25 years.