Schutt Varsity Vengeance PRO Football Helmet - Adult

  • TPU CUSHIONING PROTECTION: Football's most advanced impact absorption system proven to absorb more impact and more consistently across a wider variety of temperatures
  • SUREFIT AIRLINERS/CROWN LINERS: inflatable airliner along the back and sides reduces the weight of the helmet but still gives a great, custom fit
  • INTER-LINK JAW PADS: TPU Cushioning technology are mechanically attached securely to football helmet to eliminate pads from falling out or moving around for a secure fit
  • FLEXURAL RESISTANCE DESIGN/ENGINEERING: back shelf improves the overall strength and durability of the shell in a critical location; This design feature improves impact absorption
  • INCLUDES: SC4 Hard Cup chinstrap, EVA Front Pad, Polycarbonate Shell, and Twist-Release Nose Bumper 

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