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Rawlings 2021 Quatro Pro BBCOR Adult Baseball Bat (-3)

When you step up to the plate you want the pitcher to tremble. There's no better way to instill that fear into your opposition than to swing the 2021 Quatro Pro BBCOR -3 bat. This masterpiece was meticulously engineered to give you a weapon that unleashes ultimate power to your swing.

It's 2-piece composite design is made complete by the newly re-imagined F2, focused-flex, collar that eliminates barrel drag through the zone. In addition, its suspended inner-barrel and massive sweet spot give you a better chance at hitting a bomb (or frozen rope) every time up.

As a result, you'll get more pop and power from your swing ,and should move up the lineup as the season progresses. If you want a bat that can truly do it all for your game, you need this new Quatro Pro BBCOR beauty.

Don't let another breaking ball catch you off guard, smash those through the gap with your new Quatro Pro. 

*Due to manufacturing tolerances, certification calculations and standards, or added materials such as grip tape or decals, drop is not intended to and should not be relied upon to calculate the actual weight of this bat as sold.