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Champro Step Down Youth Baseball Pitchers Rubber B046

  • PERFECT FOR KIDS: Ideal for younger players who are learning how to pitch, the Champion Sports Step Down Pitcher’s Rubber provides optimum footing and stability, and reduces pitching mound damage
  • HEAVY DUTY: Our gear is built to handle repeated use through practices, training, and games, as well as inclement weather, rain, and muddy conditions; resists wear from cleats and spiked footwear
  • PRACTICE: Include this valuable baseball equipment on your youth league pitcher’s mound so that they're training and preparing the right way for official games
  • NO SPIKES: You don’t need spikes or anchors; simply bury the strip in the dirt so you can keep your plate locked down and ready to go pitch after pitch, strike after strike, game after game
  • MULTI USE: The quality and long wearing durability make this strip a must have diamond staple for youth baseball and softball recreational leagues, schools, parks, and baseball complexes everywhere