CHAMPRO Heavy Duty Reinforced Rubber Adjustable Batting Tee (21 to 36 inches) B050A/B050B

  • B050A/B050B
  • DURABLE: Created with reinforced, injection-molded heavy-duty rubber tubes, the Heavy Duty Rubber Batting Tee withstands impacts made by elite athletes.
  • TRAINING TOOL: Baseball and softball players of all ages and skill levels can use this training tool to increase swing power and improve hitting technique with the varying tee heights. Use it in team drills or for solo batting practice with a net.
  • ADJUSTABLE: Slide the tube up and down to adjust the tee’s height, and the friction fit locks the tubes in place during hitting practice. Set it anywhere from 21 to 36 inches to practice making perfect contact with high and low pitches.
  • OFFICIAL-SIZE HOME PLATE: A solid, official-sized home plate provides a stable base and helps hitters focus on the ball’s positioning as they hit. Place it to the left or right to take on inside and outside pitches.
  • EASY ASSEMBLY: Assemble the Heavy Duty Batting Tee by securing the bottom tube onto a screw threaded up through the solid base plate. Easy to put together and weighing only 8 lbs., this tee is also convenient to store and transport.