EASTON Project 3 Fuze -3 BBCOR Baseball Bat | 2019 | 1 Piece Aluminum

Easton Project 3 FUZE XL BBCOR Baseball Bat: BB19FZX

The Fuze XL is the BBCOR rated power hitter bat that all the heavy hitters have been waiting to put in their bag. Easton has hit it big with this behemoth of a baseball bat!

Bat Benefits

This bat is outfitted with some excellent bat technology from Easton! It displays the Advanced Thermal Alloy Construction which is also known as the ATAC Alloy. As well, the end of the bat has a composite end cap that should allow for more trampoline effect. 

Don't forget that this bat is end loaded and intended for use by power hitters. To compliment that feature, the bat also has the Power Boost Soft Knob on it. That special knob helps create leverage and power potential while also making the bat extremely comfortable to swing.


Easton covers this bat with a twelve (12) month warranty from the purchase date. 

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